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Photo report: hydroponic trellised melons cultivation

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In this short photo report, we will see an example of modern mid-tech greenhouse dedicated to grow trellised hydroponic melons in coco peat soilless substrate.

Regarding the yield and density, there are two plants per pot one or two melons (max.) per plant.

The ferti-irrigation system automatically adjust the EC and pH. In this case, the best option was drip-irrigation to save on water and be efficient for the melons nutrition.

Using the right greenhouse design and equipment, you will create an optimal growing environment to grow organic and high quality melons with the targeted brix index (or sugar level).

Below the dripping system and growing technique selected in this example. The greenhouse are 12,80m (42′) wide and 5m (16′ 4″) height under gutter with double panel vents.

Credit: personal photos and field experience from Corenthin Félix Chassouant


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