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A New Dawn in Greenhouse Horticulture

ruit & Vegetable Growers Are Adapting To Changing Conditions

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Welcome to Our Inaugural Horticulture Newsletter

This is the inaugural newsletter from Horti-Gen Insights, a collaboration with iGrow News, focused on the greenhouse horticulture industry.

Key Topics Covered

1/ Lettuce Production

The newsletter highlights the challenges faced by the lettuce industry due to climate change, such as droughts, floods, and pest outbreaks in major production regions like California. It discusses how greenhouse technology and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) can address these issues by enabling year-round cultivation closer to consumers, reducing transportation emissions, preserving freshness, and minimizing water usage.

2/ Small Fruit Cultivation

For small fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, the newsletter recommends using low-tech gothic high tunnels as a cost-effective solution to mitigate unpredictable weather patterns and extreme temperatures caused by climate change. These structures provide environmental protection, extend the harvest window, and offer a relatively short return on investment period.

3/ Grape Cultivation and Agrivoltaics

The newsletter explores the future of viticulture by integrating CEA and agrivoltaic technologies, where grapes are grown under solar panels or in greenhouses, offering crop protection and renewable energy generation simultaneously.The newsletter aims to provide insightful content on the latest horticultural practices, challenges, and innovative projects shaping the greenhouse industry today and in the future.

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