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Daily Light Integral interactive tool for United States, Europe and the World

Optimal daily light integral for leafy greens crops with hydroponic system NFT

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We have seen in the following article the Daily Light Integral (DLI) definition and importance to know the total amount of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) received in a day:

Daily Light Integral (DLI): lighting introduction on Horti-Generation

– United States of America

DLI is now a common term (measurement) used by commercial growers and plant scientists.

Below an interactive and useful tool made by Joanne Logan and James Faust to check the Annual and Monthly DLI Values (mol/m2/day) in the United States of America :


DLI Values in the USA in mol/m2/day

– Europe

DLI values are different in every location and also different in the seasons. Moreover, artificial lighting can be a complementray input in order to have consistent growing conditions throughout the year.

Another exemple of DLI in Western and Eastern Europe:


Other DLI online calculators working for diffrent locations in the World:

The Colombian and Ecuador daily light integral annual values :


Joanne Logan (University of Tennessee ) and James Faust (Clemson University)

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