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Hort-Gen Podcast: What Plants Crave

What Plants Crave

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This episode is part of our “What Plants Crave” series, where Dr. Sabeh speaks with growers, researchers, engineers, and manufacturers who work in controlled environment agriculture, to get their insights about the direction of the industry, and of course, what exactly it is that plants crave.

Indeed, I have the chance to be in this week episode discussing about various subjects such as greenhouse cultivation in a hot and humid environment. . Moreover, we are discussing about popular crops and personal past experiences in South-Asia. Also why the cost of building greenhouses is more expensive in the USA (compare to other places in the world) To finish, I am replying to the main question: “What Plants Crave

Find out the full Podcast with Dr. Greenhouse below:



What Plants Crave feat. Corenthin (Felix) Chassouant: https://www.doctorgreenhouse.com/podcast/what-plants-crave-felix-chassouant

What is the importance of the buffer effect in a commercial greenhouse ?

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As an agricultural engineer with over 10 years of experience working for greenhouse manufacturers worldwide and holding a Master's degree (MSc), I specialize in the greenhouse and horticulture sector. Leveraging my international background and extensive knowledge, I collaborate effectively with farmers and industry professionals around the world, providing them with expert advice and guidance.

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