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New generation of greenhouse film: photoluminescent technology

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Today, companies are working on photoluminescent films to cover the greenhouse roof and claddings. The new film has a pink color with new technical proprieties:

These films are specially designed to modify and optimize the light spectrum under the greenhouse. The crops receive light radiation more adapted to their needs. It affects positively the agronomic performance maximising the productivity (photosynthesis) and the precocity.

Changes in red radiation (R, 600-700 nm), in far-red radiation (FR, 720-740 nm) or in blue radiation (B, 400-500 nm) in the growing environment affect plant photomorphogenesis involving the activation of photoreceptors, such as the phytochrome and the cryptochrome mentionned Schettini and al., 2010.

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Schettini and al., 2010 Greenhouse plastic films capable of modifying the spectral distribution of solar radiation.

Photoluminescent plastic shifts sunlight to increase crop yields on Hortidaily: https://www.hortidaily.com/article/1704/photoluminescent-plastic-shifts-sunlight-to-increase-crop-yields/

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